Getting On The Same Page

Fall 2019

(Call or email for retreat dates.)

Meadow Lake Resort, Columbia Falls, Montana

"Getting On The Same Page" is 24 hours dedicated to discovering what God has planted in the hearts of you and your spouse regarding vision, dreams, and calling. It is an exploration time as you spend personal time with each other.

You will be discovering or re-discovering personal dreams that have been placed in your heart but perhaps have been buried or covered up with the busyness of life.

Some time will be spent with other participants during sharing by the leaders and meal times.  However, most of the time is spent individually and as a couple. Personal ministry is also available.

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Hineni Ministries is a Non-Profit Religious Montana Corporation tax-exempt by IRS-501C3.

The staff of Hineni are volunteers and not paid by Hineni Ministries. Gifts to the ministry are used to support events and personal ministry.